This is my brother, Glenn.  A 2 time Ironman, numerous triathlons and too many hours to count in training.   His dedication,  self discipline and practice of a good healthy lifestyle has been awe-inspiring to me.  I admire his willpower and constraints.  
Glenn is my big brother, whom I have always looked up to, he looked after me in school, taught me how to fly a kite, to appreciate good books,  how to drive a stick shift and makes me laugh like no other.  Glenn has a kind soul with a beautiful wide smile. A noble and considerate man who loves life, absorbs knowledge at every chance,  gives back to others without any expectations and respects life around him. 
Not only is he a Ironman, captain of a major airline and lawyer, but most importantly, he is a wonderful father.   He has taken his son on trips around the world to see things most of us only dream of seeing.  He is teaching his son about differences people have and that we are all created equal, the history of the world, and what can be done in the future.  Glenn is a kind, devoted, understanding father who will drop anything to be by his son’s side.

  I love to be outside, garden  and walk but I am not a very athletic person.  Glenn does get me revved up at times and I will workout a little harder or run a bit longer, but I do not have near the commitment to physical activity that he has. But thanks to him, I do try to do some kind of physical activity  and eat my vegetables every day!  I will live vicariously through him and I will ALWAYS be in his cheering section!