Bespoke pottery refers to custom-made pottery. It differs from mass-produced pottery, created in large quantities and follows a standard design.

I am not a “follow the standards” pottery or make pieces in mass quantities.  My bespoke pottery inspired by nature refers to the creation of unique and customized pottery pieces that are influenced by the beauty and elements of the natural world. My approach takes inspiration from various aspects of nature, such as plants, animals, landscapes, and natural textures to create pottery that reflects and captures the essence of these elements.

Creating pottery inspired by nature often incorporates organic shapes, colors, and patterns into the design. Techniques that I use are hand-carving, blow torch heating, impressions, depressions, use of natural minerals, and washes.  I hope to invoke a sense of tranquility, harmony, and connection with the natural world and bring this into people’s everyday lives.

Each piece tells a story of harmony and connection, bringing a touch of earthy elegance to our homes.

The process of making handmade pottery involves various steps, from picking out the clay and shaping it to firing and glazing. Creating pottery is a continuous learning process.  Experimenting with different techniques, glazes, and shapes. helps me develop my own style and create truly. one-of-a-kind pieces.

I am always on the lookout for natural elements that I can use in my pottery.  Patterns, deer sheds, oddly shaped tree limbs, and roots.  I look at textures of tree bark, dried-up ponds, and the veins on a leaf.  I love old architecture and the patina it leaves behind.

I found an old bathroom floor in an old restaurant that had the prettiest texture from years of foot traffic, scrubbing, and wear and tear.  I was influenced by that texture to create the glaze for this vase.  (My husband is used to me taking photos of weird things!)

Being a gatherer for my art is good for my soul and brings me closer to our Creator and mother nature. I try and capture the beauty in every form I see. I am constantly seeking and discovering new textures, techniques, and beauty.  I find it every day.

I like to honor all that I find and also honor the process of creating.   Being a potter can be frustrating at times, not everything works out the first time. It takes lots of time and effort to get to where you want to go.  I have made many mistakes, and have been heartbroken over a piece that held a special place in my heart only to be cracked when opening the kiln.

But I am happiest when I am gathering with my grandkids and creating bespoke pottery.

Until next time, be kind to each other.



Isaiah 64:8