Sometimes I am in such a hurry that I whiz by and don’t see anything around me. All I have on my mind is what I have to get done when it has to be done and if it will get done.

Then…I remind myself that so many things around me are far more important than what is on my mind at the time. I am but a tiny link in a large chain that makes up planet Earth. My energy has to coexist with other energy and they deserve just as much attention as I think I do.

So, I slow down, open my eyes and look around. It doesn’t take long before I discover so many living things that are so beautiful, all trying to do their best.

Everything and everyone needs the opportunity to make their mark in this world. God created so many things that it boggles my mind sometimes, how He thought of so many spectacular things. (you have to admit that He has a sense of humor, or how do explain the platypus??).

When looking at the wonderful world around me, I am less selfish and more appreciative of what is offered…free of charge!

Until next time, be kind to each other,



Hebrews 13:17