I had to say good bye to  my sweet 17 year old cat Trixie today.
She had kidney failure.
My heart is broken..

Trixie made me laugh everyday, warmed my heart with her constant purring.
Trixie and her best friend Tess were mostly inseparable.
She loved being on the farm, always checking out new places to nap or watch birds.

Trixie loved to be where I worked.  Always on the work table, sitting right on what ever I was working on.  Knocking off beads, coming dangerously close to the soldering iron, even lying on a piece of stain glass in progress.  My dad had a hard time keeping her off the piece he was working on, just had to give her a pat on the head and let her be.

Trixie loved being outside.
She would walk around the property with me on my nightly walks.  Running ahead with her tail stuck straight up the air, stopping and taking a nice roll in the dirt before joining me again.    Her favorite thing was to hide and jump out at Tess.  

Thank you Trixie, for giving me unconditional love and affection.
Listening to me when I didn’t think I had a friend in the world.
Letting me dance around with you when I was on top of the world.
I will miss your sweet purring and tiny meows while you sat in my lap at night.
I am very blessed and grateful that you and I had time together on this earth.
I know we will reunite again someday.
Good night Trixie… I will miss you.