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I am still here!  I have had lots going on lately.  First and foremost, I finally retired last week. After over 34 years of drafting and computer graphics, I don’t have to set my alarm clock or draw anything I don’t want to draw. My hand already feels better.

My husband, Steve, had a total knee replacement.  He is on week 5 and doing great.  He still can’t drive so he is captive to my driving and errands.

I have two new horses that I adore.  Both needed greener pastures and they are thriving here.

I love my new greenhouse! I  raised dahlias and zinnia over the winter and they are so pretty.  I will post photos in my next post.

I haven’t been to the pottery studio yet!  I will get back in there as soon as I have enough time in the day.  I have so many new ideas!

Thanks for sticking with me and following along on this crazy life we all have.

Until next time, love one another!



James 1:12