As I look out my barn dwelling window, I am reminded that life, for me, is pretty simple.


I decided almost a year ago to work part-time. I work 12 hour days Monday and Tuesday.  It has taken that long to settle in.  And that long to realize that Tess is obsessed with her ball.





My Monday and Tuesdays are dedicated to my “job” and I am ok with that.  I go to the big city and get my fill of a louder, faster life. Dress up, show up and be done.  When I turn on my road on Tuesday night, I instantly relax.


The stuff that I thought had to be done in such an organized fashion is fading.  I still have to have a structured day, I am just that way.  But if I spend an extra few minutes looking at the sunrise, watch the birds or extend my morning walk…It is ok.



Now, instead of worrying about what I am going to wear to work, what deadlines are looming, I turn my focus on feeding the calves, what I can create that day or maybe enjoying a cup of afternoon tea in the sun.  I can take online classes that I have wanted to do for so long.  I can study and read what inspires me, extends my faith, make friends from all over who enjoy what I do.




I really didn’t realize the rhythm of each day.  The way the sun shines through the trees at different hours.  How Gus, my cat, takes a nap in the afternoon sun each day. The different birds that visit the feeders at different times.  Life’s rhythm…

There are times when I want to go to Anthropology and buy everything new.  Go on a shopping spree at an antique store or estate sale.  But I know that buying stuff doesn’t compare to being full engaged in each day and doing what I love…creating.  I don’t need fancy clothes to throw clay or put together a beautiful necklace for a friend.  When I do buy something, it has to be something I really love and need.




My husband and I are closer.  We can go for long drives…IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WEEK!     Plus, I get to see these pretty ladies all day!




I am “becoming”.  I am learning as I go, trying to learn what I am designed to do while here on earth.



I am finding that if I listen and not be so anxious, I can find the answers, my rhythm.   If I am still and focus on the task at hand, fully engaged in the moment (which is very hard for someone with slight ADD!) I find my peace, my faith and my comfort.



I think I am settling in on my second part of my life.   I spend more time with my family, visit with my friends, and do what comes naturally.

I may not be well-known, or have lots of inventory and sales, but I am so much happier.  A simpler life agrees with me.

I am blessed and I do not take anything for granted.  I give thanks to God everyday for the life He is giving me.  I do not want to squander that!  I am beginning to understand and have faith that God has it all under control if I just let go of the reins.


I hope everyone gives and receives lots of love this Valentine’s Day!  Happy Valentine’s Day!



Much love, Cindy




Thanks to Jeanne Oliver for the word Becoming!