Autumn has always been my favorite time of year.  Like many, I love the sights and smells this time of year brings. 












That feeling you get when you put on that first warm, cozy sweater and sip rich hot chocolate.

Bonfires, roasting marshmallows and good fellowship in the crisp night air.

 windmills 010













It is a “time to reap”.  Freshly baled hay is one of my favorite smells.  Just the sight of a field of hay bales makes me happy.
















In my personal life, Autumn is a time to reflect as I enter into the autumn of my life.  I think I am wiser and more content.  To gather and be thankful for the bounty that was so blessedly bestowed upon me, not matter how small.















I yearn for a simpler life, a more fulfilled life.  Autumn reminds me to follow my instinct and to “fly” to where I am supposed to be.  More settled, less hurried, inspired by the beauty around me.


















With all this being said…..the most joyful moment is finally putting on thick flannel PJ’s and going to bed when it gets dark outside!)