Here are a few of my newest projects.  Wish pockets and a life mixed media on tin.
I really enjoy making these.  I never know what they will look like until I am done. 

When we are in a stage of learning in our lives, which we almost always
are…sometimes the very best thing we can do is to let ourselves UNLEARN
old things…old patterns, old beliefs, old myths about ourselves or how
life “should” be.

It’s totally ok to delete things out of our brain that we’ve held onto for
a long time; it’s ok to change and to adopt new beliefs and new habits and
new ways of being who we really are. When we try to just cover up old worn
out things that we once learned in one way or another, they are always still
there, nagging at us. Let yourself unlearn things that pull you further from
where you are meant to be.It is ok.   (m. ross)