There are chores that I love to do, like walking the fence line.
We walk the fence line looking for broken fences, fallen trees that may have snapped the wires,  posts that have been pushed over…just general upkeep.

But there is so much more to find than broken fences, it is a time to slow down a little bit and just walk the perimeter of the place.  Get reacquainted with the boundaries.

Walking the fence line can be associated with everyday life. 
We all have our boundaries, sometimes they need to be taken down,  sometimes they need to be reinforced.  Maybe just a little adjusting will do.

If we put up too many boundaries we miss the beauty that lies outside our perimeter.  We might miss an extraordinary event or place that we only dream of.
We might miss meeting new friends, neighbors and others with similar interests and loves.

If we don’t tend to our boundaries and let them all fall to the ground, we run the risk of letting in things and people that can ruin our well tended intentions.  One that might turn our lives upside down and give us angst.

I have found while walking the fence line, that if a little patching is done to give our boundaries strength, yet can yield, it can stop the unwanted intruder, but give a right-a-way to beautiful creatures that may want to stop by.

It is always a good idea to check the fence line, to keep it in good repair.  Strengthen where needed, patch if necessary and even put in a gate that opens both ways.

So, I like to walk the fence line.  It gives me a good lesson on my own boundaries.

Hopefully my boundaries are strong enough to weather the storms and yielding enough to let the beautiful in…..

Have a lovely day!