I read a quote not long ago…”Don’t cut what you can untie.”



At first, I thought it meant to not cut the pretty ribbon, but untie it for later use.




I was reading Seven Thousand Ways to Listen, by Mark Nepo, one chapter was about patience.  How the fisherman, everyday,  had to untangle their fishing nets.  How it was almost therapeutic to do so.




I started to think about all the situations I am in or have been in that could be untied.  I will not say I am the most patient person, I am quick to get it done the fastest way possible.

I was the one that would cut the pretty ribbon or twine just to get into the package.  I would cut off a relationship just to be done with it.  I would cut out a difficult task or situation so I would not have to figure out how to do it.




But as I age and become more aware of my journey, I have learned to untie…




I can not just meander through life, hacking my way to the end.  It may be easier that way, but look at all that I would have missed!

I can not expect to have a closer relationship with God if I don’t sit down and untie all the blessings and gifts He has provided for me  instead of just saying “oh that is pretty” or “lucky me” or “why me”.   Life has many, many knots, weaves and tangles.  I am learning to take one knot, weave or tangle at a time.  Having to contain my lack of patience has helped me untie what I am searching for…A deeper sense of being, to LIVE instead of exist.


While learning to LIVE instead of just exist.  I try to pay attention to the everyday stuff that needs to be untied instead of cut.  Sorting through tangled necklaces, rolling up a crimped water hose, being more patient with the people I love, while they unravel whatever it is they are going through. To sit patiently in traffic or ignore stuff that doesn’t really matter.


I have learned so much from just watching nature and animals.  They don’t possess scissors or ideas on how to cut out emotions.  They don’t have an inkling when their time will be up, so they live each day to it’s fullest.   They go about their day gathering, taking care of their family, minding their own business, making friends and trusting that everything will be ok.




I don’t live in a fairytale world.  (as nice as that would be!) I watch the news and the terror around the world, the sick, the poor, all the arguing between parties, beliefs and opinions.  Drives me nuts.  But if I believe that God gave me freewill, a brain to think on my own and commandments that tell us to love each other, then I will do my best to untie the knots, weaves and tangles that I have control over.



I will leave the rest to God.