We all want the same things in life..
whether you travel down the left side of the road..
                                                                                 or the right side of the road..
We all want to be able to work and provide for our families.
To have a little quiet time to reflect and give thanks for the beauty that
is unfolded daily.
To have good conversations with our friends, family and strangers…
To follow our own heart, wherever that may lead. To be kind and respectful.
To look out for each other, to support and believe in each other.
To have a strong foundation, where our beliefs, our dreams,
our destiny can take hold…..

and to leave a legacy that we will be proud of, with no regrets.

Life is too short to be anything else.
That is my wish for today….
{Please,  don’t forget to vote!
It is a luxury many would love to have}