This is a sneak peek of a ranch that belongs to my sweet friends Sam and Shelbie  It was such a treat to visit this old homestead that they lovingly restored.  Everything thing down to bolts and gears. 

They have such pride and respect for this ranch that belonged to his grandfather…

They know the history of every post, nail, tool, book, picture, etc. and
treasured each piece.

This homestead is so full of love for each other, for the history of  the place, respect for the land and pride of  the lineage.  My friends have never met a stranger, they always welcomed people to enjoy the scenery and awesomeness of their home and took time to tell the story of the ranch.

Until last weekend.    See that beautiful lightning rod with the blue glass globe in the above picture?   It has been there since 1907, until it was stolen!  After decades of protecting the grandfather’s house from lightning strikes, some idiot decided that they needed it more than they did.   It makes me sick to think of someone blantantly cutting it down for scrap or selling it for cheap.   

My friends are heartbroken.   The police was called, antique dealers have been warned to be on the look out for someone trying to sell it.   The word is out for this scumbag that took it.  I am hoping they are caught soon.

But the really sad part is…the trust is gone.   The pride of displaying their love of the homestead will probably now result in cameras, locking doors, bolting things down, posting no trespassing signs.

This is indeed a sad sign of the times…