Our place has been taken over with millions, I am telling the truth, millions of grasshoppers.   It is so gross and unnerving..    We can not walk thru our pastures, not to mention our yard without several types of grasshoppers, flying up and clicking their wings.  Driving me crazy!

We try to do organic and let the birds, lizards, frogs and my dogs 
take care of them.  There are just too many of them. And they aren’t little cute grasshoppers, some of them are at least 4″ long!  I get so frustrated when I try to get one and they circle around the plant, like they are playing an evil game with me.  They just look at me a laugh!
But when I do get one, I throw it to the frogs or the spiders…who is the evil one now grasshopper???

They have taken our green, lush pastures and turned them into
yellow, brittle holey strands of grass

What really freaks me out is when several of them land on me with their sandpaper footed, skinny legged, bug eyed, antenna wiggling sticking to me.  I do a crazy dance like no other.  I try to stomp on them as they land a few inches away from my foot, laugh and hop away..UGH!  So aggravating!

Did I mention they laugh at us??  Look at that evil grin!
I need chickens!