My favorite time of year is here!!
I love when the days get warmer and longer.   Everything seems to be waking up from a long, cold winter.
Here in Texas, spring really doesn’t last that long.   It has already been 89 degrees!  But, I am pretty sure, we will get down to freezing again before all the trees bud out.   They say when the mesquite tree leaves, then all the freeze warning are over.   I am keeping my eye on the mesquites!
I was in the Tractor Supply Store the other day,  every time about this year, they sell chicks.   It is all I can do not to buy them.  (besides not having a chicken coop and sneaky coyotes and owl on the place!)  I just love to watch them, some of them are running back and forth, trying their wings,   several were in the corner practicing their pecking order.   Maybe one day I will have a nice sturdy, critter proof chicken coop.

The Bluebonnets are starting to come up, they are so beautiful on the side of the road and in the pastures.   My favorite flower!
As a extra surprise,  I was checking my bluebird houses this morning and look what I found!   Four of the most beautiful blue eggs.   I can’t wait to watch them hatch out.  Mama was watching me close,  I just took a quick picture with my phone.  I don’t want to disturb her much.

and last but not least,  a crazy, feisty calf.  He has no idea why he is running or even where he is running to,  but the morning sun and his strong legs left him little choice.
Happy Spring Everybody!