I have been going back and forth on what subject to write about on my blog. So, I just haven’t written.

Like many of you, I am sure,  are a bit disorientated.  Our generation hasn’t ever gone through anything like the COVID19 pandemic before.  I was going ninety miles per hour in life to idle in a matter of a few days.

At first, it felt ok to stay home, to settle in and get reacquainted with my home.  I cleaned, organized, decluttered and disenfected like a crazy woman.

I had to learn to telework from home.  (Thank you IT people, you have the patience of a saint!). I do computer aided drafting, so I am very thankful that I have this opportunity to be able to work from home.

I even have a very bossy manager…


But what I have learned after many weeks of stay in place, we still need each other.  I have found kindness everywhere.  Some are viral videos of kindness  from around the world to our own back yard.  But the ones that I love the most are the quiet kindness that no one talks about.

Neighbors helping neighbors with escaped livestock.  A home cooked meal for an elderly couple, a nice note from a far away relative, just to say they love you.  A long walk with a friend, the smiles and “be well” wishes from a stranger opening the door.  Watching the sunset with a loved one.

I think all the kindness and human connections are lost in political and personal differences.  I am all for everyone having their own preference, their own voices and opinions, but I tend to tune out the loud, clattering, negative expressions.

There is much to be thankful for, to rejoice in. It is ok to be still, thoughtful and quiet, but don’t lose yourself to the opinions of others.  You know in your heart right from wrong.

It is when we shut people out that our minds start to fester, assumptions grow.  We weren’t made to be alone.  We need each other.  We can be of completely different opinions, backgrounds, conservative, liberal, rich or not so rich and still love each other. THAT is true love.

We were given hands to hold, arms to hug and hearts to love.  It is pretty much that simple.

So, let’s tend to our gardens, our family and friends, our pets and neighbors.  There is a light at the end of this tunnel.  There is always love, kindness and caring.  You just have to ask for it and receive it.  In turn, give love, kindness and understanding.

I would like to personally thank the front line workers.  Nurses, doctors, fire fighters, police, EMS, grocery store workers, custodians, IT personnel and truck drivers.  To the silent essential workers,  the Pastors and teachers.  All of these folks give me hope for our future.  It isn’t the big celebrity or sports star.  It is the person who gets up everyday and goes to work with little thanks or fanfare.  I have several of these in my family and I could not be more proud.

Until next time, be kind and be well!



Ephesians 4:32