I love Sunday mornings

We always go out early on Sunday mornings when we are not rushed to get to work or attend other obligations.

A Bluebird guards her nest nearby

The biggest surprise this past Sunday morning was the birth of a calf..
She is only hours old, still a little sleepy and full of mama’s milk

Tess gets a closer look

and gives her a welcoming kiss!
She is a lover, not a herder.
She would rather chase butterflies in another field than to herd cattle!

Our older cattle dog wants her to get up so he can herd her!

One of the jack rabbits on the place trying to sneak away

I think I will use this big mama for my spokes person
for Fat Cow Studio!
She will be having her baby VERY soon!

A mockingbird on the windmill.
I took this photo and the exposure was way off,
I added a few textures from Kim Klassen’s collection
and I like the way it turned out!
Until next time!