I received the most generous gifts from Laura at 52 Flea…
When I received the package, I was so excited!

Laura told me she would look for keys for me at the flea market,  I was just expecting a few keys…

But Laura sent me two of the cutest bags FULL of treasures!

The first bag had a sweet blue box and a velvet pouch..

Inside was the prettiest compact and pearl embellished ballerina pin..

How did Laura know that I collect vintage compacts??

The second bag was full of the COOLEST keys..

and vintage license plate tags.  Look at that big key, isn’t that the greatest??

Also, she sent me pearls, perfume bottles, cute alligator buttons, pen quills, a token for a bus ride, buckles and charms.

I love her card!  sea shells!

However, the most absolute best gift that Laura gave me was a sweet, handmade card by her 89 year old mother-in-law..
I was so touched.  I will treasure this card forever.   The picture does not do it justice.  All hand cut flowers, leaves and a butterfly.  The prettiest card made with love.   I am so humbled..
Thank you so much Laura.   I knew that everything you did was with style, but this blew me away.   I can’t wait to create some very original jewelry with all my gifts…
I am truly grateful!