photo from (not my family, but love this picture!)
My family is coming to visit me tomorrow!  My mom and dad from Asheville NC.  My sister Kim and brother-in-law Dan from Golden, CO.  My brother, Glenn from Atlanta GA will all be here to celebrate my mom’s birthday on October 5th.
I am so excited!!! We haven’t all been together since Kim and Dan’s wedding a couple of years ago. We are a noisy family when we all get together.. Lots of laughter, good conversations (and a few political debates!).  We are planning on sitting on the front porch swings, taking walks, riding out in the pasture on the tailgate, cooking out and just enjoying each other company.
I am very blessed to have a fun, healthy, loving family!
See you next week!  Have a great week!
(PS  The auction for my facebook friend Amy raised over $3000.00 to offset medical cost.  Her father in law and son were seriously hurt in a car accident.  It is so heartwarming when people get together to help each other…I AM blessed to be a part of such generous, loving group of bloggers and facebook friends!)