I have a stained glass window that needed to be done for a dear friend.   I have too many irons in the fire to get it started, nevertheless, finish it.  
My Dad taught me how to make stained glass windows many years ago.  He has created so many beautiful windows and lamps.   His love for the craft is unwavering.   He hasn’t been able to do much stained glass work in a while, so I enlisted his help.  (Plus I really wanted him to visit!  I wanted my mom to come, but with the Texas heat, I think she would have wilted!)  Traveling from Asheville, NC to Central Texas was a furnace blast to his face when he walked out of the DFW airport!
I got him settled into my studio and he promptly began working.  

 My Dad’s love for cutting glass and fitting each tiny piece together brings him great joy.  Plus he is a perfectionist!!

These windows will be side lights for my friend’s front door.  They are iris’ in purple, peach and blue with long green leaves and stems.

Soldering each piece together is very time consuming.

  Making sure each tiny piece of glass fits exactly.
Did I tell you my dad is a perfectionist??!!

My cat Trixie is always close by for supervisor inspection.  Plus a pat on the head.
(Trixie is always right in the middle of whatever I am doing!)

I will post pictures of the finished windows.  I am sure they will be beautiful!

 My dad is such a gentle, kind man.  Very intelligent and soft spoken.  His love for art and nature is beyond words.  His stained glass windows are beautiful, but you should see his photography!  (That will be another post soon.)I can not thank my dad enough for coming out into this blistering heat to help me out…but I think I enjoyed having him here working quietly beside me more than anything… that gives me great JOY!

sun catcher stained glass