Love. This is a fascinating word.The word conjures up all kinds of feelings.

It is the profound feeling of admiration, respect, adoration and cherishing someone.  Just seeing them brings a smile to your face and a warm deep seated feeling in your heart.

Some love is puppy love, that innocent love we have when meeting someone for the first time and you click.  Then there is true love, the kind we strive for.  The love that has been to battle, has a few scars but through it  all, survived on a much deeper level than ever seemed possible.

The kind of love elder folks have.  The golden kind.  The kind that they can read each others minds without a word being spoken.  When a hand is held out, it is met with no hesitation and the perfect cup of coffee is ready first thing in the morning on the porch while watching the birds and  reading the paper together.


Another kind of love is helping those who can’t help themselves. Putting aside your own needs for the sake of another just to make them feel better.  A gentle touch, warm smile or a big hug transfers so much positive energy it can’t help but make a soul feel better.

There is also the love of the first cup of hot tea in the morning while strolling outside in your pajamas. Greeting the day at first light and being grateful to breathe another day.

The love of nature and all the splendor that she offers each and every day.  From a beautiful vase of flowers to an awesome rainbow.

That fleeting moment right before it gets dark and the world seems quiet.

Love is a unexpected gift from a friend who knows exactly what you appreciate.   Not of gold or monetary value, but something more precious than that..thoughtfulness and understanding.

Love is finding that friend that will always have your back.

The kind of friend you can tell your secrets to.  The ones that drop everything to be by your side without hestiation to pull you through any situation.

Then there is the love of senses.  The first blackberries of the season.

The smell of books.


The first summer swim,


Kayaking on a soft fall day

The first garden tomato! (My personal favorite!)

or just waking up from a long, restful nap.

Love encompasses many things.  We all need love. Every single soul needs love.  It is nice when we have companions to love.

I think sometimes, we get a little wrapped up in our own heads and think we don’t have love.  But we do!  Love is everywhere. There are so many places that are in need of our love. Maybe a nursing home where you can take cookies, a boys and girls club where kids are excited to have leadership.  A Neo-natal hospital where you can rock babies or a animal shelter where I know they need volunteers to walk the dogs and pet the cats.

There is the love of our country.  Right now, it seems we are divided, but we really aren’t.  There are a few that like to make it seem like we are from different planets and we will never see eye to eye.  It is ok to have a difference of opinion, the world would be quite boring if we all thought exactly alike.  The core of a soul, the basic need is love.  Plain and simple.

There is a fine line between rude and understanding.  I read a quote the other day that stuck with me.  “Be an example…Show kindness to unkind people.  Forgive people who don’t deserve it. Love unconditionally. Your actions always reflect who you are.”   That hit home with me.

There is love out there, it may be prickly and standoffish, but I bet just a smile would be the trick to a reciprocal smile.

Remember, we are all just walking each other home.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I wish you lots of love, understanding and hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning.


Until next time, be kind to yourself!

Much love,


Ephesians 4:2