Love,  it is an all encompassing word.  
You can love pizza
You can love to run
You can love to create
You can love to explore
My life is so full of Love
I love my family;
I love all my pets;
I love all my friends, near and far;
I love the way the sun shines in my kitchen window;
I love watching cattle graze;

I love being in my studio and just piddling around
and never knowing what my finished piece will look like until I am done..

What would we do without it?
Just when I think I can not love more…
We get this gift from heaven..
My beautiful stepdaughter delivers the most precious baby boy…

 Colt arrived Thursday, Feb 9th
7.2 lbs 19.5 “

A head full of dark hair like his mom and big strong hands like his dad.

The sweetest, most beautiful baby.

His big brother is pretty proud..
My heart just grew in size 10 times over.
My life just got more joyous
Love just got bigger…
on a side note..
I will be in Atlanta for the next week or so.  I will be there taking my dad
to his radiation treatments.   My parents are staying with my brother who lives close to Emory University Hospital.  My brother  is a Delta captain and will be flying, so I am taking over for the week.   I am looking forward to spending time with my mom and dad. I love the Decatur area where I will be staying.  My first priority is to take care of my Dad, make sure he is comfortable.  But I do want to get my mom out to a few good antique shops if she is up to it.
I am wishing all of you a very Happy Valentine’s Day that is full of