I pass by our windmill everyday as I turn into our driveway.  
It may turn in a different direction, spin fast or not at all.  

It is a stationary structure made of steel, gears, oil and grease.
This old windmill makes me smile.  
It is the framework for moon rises

beautiful sunsets
watches over the land in extreme drought

and approaching storms
A wonderful place to sing loudly..
This windmill has seen many a storm, fierce wind and drought, however, it has also seen the most spectacular sky’s that the universe has created.

The older I get, the louder the quiet things speak to me.    There is a great lesson in living in stillness.  Storms have strengthened me and love has softened me.

My windmill reminds me at the end of the day to be still, let thing unfold as they should, to be strong and face the winds of change with dignity and grace.