“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions”  Oliver Wendell Holmes




I have been reading and studying about life, death, religion, listening, being still and just what I am suppose to be doing with myself.





There is a reason for everything.  I am just trying to figure it out.  I am on my own journey.  I have my own will, strengths and weaknesses.



I have been thinking about looking for life in everything.   Is it alive or inert?   Is it just something irrelative or does it have its own life form and meaning.




I have been collecting heart rocks forever.  They may seem lifeless.  Just a stone.  But how did it get to be a heart rock, where did it come from, how did it cross my path?   It isn’t just the rocks “life” that I have been studying, but the life of life in general.




I think, for me, it is all about listening to what life, the earth, our families and friends are telling us.  I believe that love is the core of our existence.

To be loved, to give love.  Everything and everybody needs love.   We just tend to do better knowing we are loved.  I have God’s love and He, in turn, allows me to love others.   I can question life all I want, but when it gets down to it…..Love is the answer.  (and a bit of understanding!)




A found heart rock can send my heart soaring  just as much as a warm hug from my family.  Not a word can be spoken, but if I listen….magic happens!

That feeling of love, acceptance, faithfulness and happiness is awe-inspiring!




Life can be hard and not everyday is a trip through a garden while holding a glass of lemonade…..There is disappointment, loss, betrayal and hatefulness.   But I can choose to be joyful, to mind my own business, to look on the bright side….  To love and be kind.

If there is one lesson I have learned from my mom departing from this earth…it is to enjoy my life, to be grateful and LIVE each day to its fullest and LISTEN to what is being said.  I am learning as I go,  I wouldn’t change one minute of my life, it has brought me to understand and appreciate how lucky I really am.



I wish you well….xo Cindy