This is  the line for a cattle sale in central Texas.
It is hot, over 100 degrees.  
Dry, one of the worse droughts on record.
Ranchers are having to sell their cattle by the trailer full.

 There are usually only a few cattle trailers in line for the drop off at any given time the day of the sale. This day there was a wait line for over an hour.  The barn, on the average, sell about 800 head a week. The sale starts at noon and goes to around 5:00 to 6:00 p.m.

 This week there were over 3000 head of cattle.  The sale started at noon and went to 8:00 the NEXT morning!

 Buyers from the northern regions of Texas and Oklahoma have had more rain.  They can provide greener pastures for the cattle.

With hay selling for $100.00 a round bale,  no rain in sight and the grass literally frying on the ground, more of the ranchers will have little choice than to sell their herd.  
I saw an elderly man selling a few fat cows.   His face was sad when he unloaded his girls and drove away.  I am praying his cows are fat and happy in a greener pasture in Oklahoma.