Here is a picture of the Paluxy River about a month or so ago…dry as a bone

After 5 + inches of rain….

The Paluxy River is out of its banks!   Wonderful, wild river! 
Glorious, absolutely glorious!

I had a fun weekend.   It started with a trip to the farmers market for pumpkins

Then I found a great old feed store.   It had jars and jars of every seed imaginable.  Plus
a contrary cat who likes to sit in seed starting trays.
I found dwarf kale to go with my spinach, lettuce and collards for my fall garden…

I finished up on some necklaces for my show in a couple of weeks..
door know plate, key and rhinestones

old outdoor faucet knob, rhinestones and crystal

pearls, joy charm and pretty framed picture

framed transfer and one of my old earrings (I hate I lost the other one, it was made by a very talented artist)

silver spoon,  tarnished propeller and mother of pearl link

I hope everyone has a great day!