I am a drafter by profession.   
The “old style” of drafting and design is still in my blood.

Instead of the computer aided drafting I use today..

where all the drawings look the same..

Same font, same north arrows, same leader lines, same everything.
No individuality.

As a child, I would play with my dad’s drafting tools and 
I developed my own style.

In high school and college, we were encouraged to incorporate
our artistic ability into our designs.

I loved the way each designer had their own style.

Some drawings were very clean and simple,
others were quite fancy.

My first drafting jobs were board work, it took longer to do a drawing
and each drafter’s drawings were a work of art.
Now days it is quicker to produce a large drawing on the computer.

but the artistic integrity is gone.

I guess we really do live in a “big box” society…
everything needs to be quicker, easier and massed produced.

After 40 hours of following corporate standards, 
nothing  gives me more pleasure than to pull out the mechanical pencil, twirl it around in the old school sharpener and make a fine stroke on vellum paper.
It is nice to be part of a community of bloggers, friends and locals who are true artists, designers, writers, bakers, photographers, etc.,  who take pride in their individualism and encourage other artists to do the same.
In this great big world, we are still individuals..