h o m e



home..It mean different things to different people.  To some, it may mean a palatial spread with lots of ornate decorations, expensive art and an out of this world technical amenities.  Some may prefer a country setting with pastorals view or even a charming, simplified bungalow.

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A home may be a hut with a mud roof, a lean to made with scrap metal or even a boat.




I love the old saying “Home is where the heart is”.   To me, home is with people I love.  They may live thousands of miles away, but they are still home.  It is a feeling that makes me content, loved and safe.




My domestic affections are centered around our home.  I may be old-fashioned, but I love being home, making a home and tending to our home.  I love the smell of a clean home filled with music and flowers.  To see the sun’s own rhythm as it crosses the sky creating sun light across the floors.




My husband and I have been living in my art studio for a year now as we build our new home.  Going from a large, two story home to 600 square feet was scary and stressful at first.  We have learned the dance of simplifying and uncluttering.  To have what is only necessary.  We have two storage buildings full of stuff and I really haven’t missed it.  Having experience this has made me grateful and humble.  We are very fortunate to have a place that we love so much, some are not as lucky.  I do not take one thing for granted.




As we watch our home being built, we don’t know how we will adjust with more room.  Don’t get me wrong, we are very excited and grateful to have our home being built just like we want, but I think we will miss our closeness.  (maybe not the tiny, TINY closet space)

We will be like the sand crab, trading our small shell for a slightly larger one.


Having a home, whether you are human or an animal, it means to be sheltered and loved.  To be understanding and tolerant of each other.  To give each other room to breathe, yet be close enough to comfort.


So if you live in a palace, cabin, hut or tiny barn, like us.  Home IS where the heart is…


It is where our family lives, even if we aren’t all related.

Have a happy day!



Psalm 91:1-2