The Homestead Antique Show was so much fun!  I can’t wait to do it again next spring!   I would like to thank my dear friend, Georgia, for inviting me to be in her booth!   She has a astounding eye for cool stuff.  Georgia can make great things  out of anything!  I won’t call her a  “picker” (we have a secret joke about that word, let’s say it was heard WAY too much,  I think it has taken over the “vintage” word! ..snicker…)
 See that amazing lamp?  She made that from an old screen…very cool!
Here are some of Georgia’s great finds

This is the greatest cot, very skinny and long.  A lady
bought it for a couch.   Lucky…
A couple pictures of my jewelry

 I made these tags from the large spoons.  I got several orders for them.

 My good friend Thoma Lou in her fabulous booth..

She has the best in anything white and pretty..

Always smiling, my sweet friend Pam.   She is a seamstress extraordinaire
My friends have booths stocked full of wide ranging  merchandise at Witherspoons Antique Mall in Granbury on Pearl Street.   
A few snaps of other booths


Some of you know the cutie  Dennis of Ruby Grace

not only does he make me laugh and is always happy…

Dennis has exceptional antiques.   You can find Dennis’ Ruby Grace at the Lonestar Antique Mall in Fort Worth on Denton Hwy.  Make sure you have lots of time, you will be in there a while!

And last, but not least…my goofy, but most talented friend Alise…(with Georgia).   She is so creative, full of energy and great conversationalist.  

It was a fun time, I did very well for my first show.  I met lots of very nice people, laughed and talked until my throat was sore, found cool stuff for my studio and jewelry, but mostly I spent it with my friends whom I respect and admire!

 Have a Happy Day!