My good friends mean the world to me. I would have not been able to survive the last several years without my friends. I have many friends, but I have a handful of really close friends that really understand me and want the best for me. They do not judge me, try to outdo me or criticize me. I love my friends because have the same interests that I do, love for nature, gardening, antiques and art, a good laugh (maybe gossip a little!). We help each other and always encourage each other. I can go for a month without talking to a great friend, but when we do catch up with each other, it is like we never missed a beat in our conversation. I am glad that we are at the age where petty things don’t bother us. We really don’t care if we can get into a bikini anymore, if our house if perfectly clean or we have the newest line of clothes. We would rather talk about gardening, art, antiques, our relationships, our pets and what makes us happy. Sitting on a patio full of vintage furniture, Christmas lights in the trees and a bottle of wine makes for the best conversations. We don’t get together as much as I would like, we are all busy with our lives. However, if I called a “meeting”, I can bet my last dollar they would be there. In fact, I feel a “meeting” is in order very soon!

p.s. This is going to be the cover of my book….”Squirrels in the Attic” when I get around to writing it! Picture was taken at my house a couple of springs ago.