I have several bluebird houses along the edge of our property hanging on the barbwire fence.   Each one has had 2-3 eggs hatched in them….but this mama has broken a record!   All five of the pretty blue eggs hatched with lively baby bluebirds!  They hatched out on Saturday and what a Mother’s Day this mama had!   She will have her hands (well beak) full!  I will keep you posted on their progress.

If you haven’t seen the Decorah, Iowa Eagles   check this out.   I have watched the three eaglets since they hatched the first week of April.   They are so cute!  The mother and father take such great care of them.
The eaglets are at an age where they are starting to flap their wings and walk around the huge nest.  They make me so nervous getting too close to the edge!!  The story of the parent eagles is amazing, so read up on them if you view this site.


and if you want to see the cutest baby hummingbird, check out  this site…