Fall is my very favorite time of year!  I have waited all year for this day.

Being in central Texas, it is usually very hot until the middle of October.  However, today, it is nice and cool with a little drizzle.  A perfect way to start the fall season.

I am renewed when this time of year rolls around.  After such a hot, dry summer, it is nice to have cooler mornings, a chill in the air at high school football games, and roasting marshmallows around the firepit.

I also love all the colors.  The fall palette is subtle and warm. The way the sunlight hits the fading flowers at a different angle is so gentle.

Growing up, my parents always loved the fall season.  When we lived in Ohio and New Jersey, we would take weekend trips to fall festivals where they made maple syrup and candies.  We picked fresh apples in the Amish country and always picked the biggest pumpkins we could find at roadside farmer’s market.

When we moved to Daytona Beach in the 70’s, Mom would put up fall flowers alongside the palmetto’s and bamboo palms. We would turn the air conditioner way down so we could light a fire and drink hot chocolate.

Then we moved to my parent’s hometown, Weaverville, North Carolina in 1974.  My Mom and Dad were finally home.  We spent nearly every spare minute hiking the mountains, picking up leaves to press, and grasses for wreaths. We spent time at my grandparent’s farm, that was always had a house full of family and friends, especially on my Mom’s birthday which is October 5th. It was always a big to-do!

Today, I still put up a fall wreath on September 1st in remembrance of my parents and their love of fall.   It also reminds me that fall is coming, along with cooler weather, pumpkin spice everything, and a chance to catch my breath, slow down, and be grateful.

In celebration of fall being here.  I am launching my fall pottery line tomorrow, Wednesday, September 23rd at 8:00 am.

I will have lots of nature-inspired pottery.  You can link to it on my home page under shop.


Happy fall y’all!  Now go get something pumpkin spicey!

Until next time, be kind to each other!



Jeremiah 5:24