It is almost Father’s day.

I have been thinking about my Dad and what I wanted to tell him on Father’s Day.

I tell him everyday that I love him when I call him in the afternoon to see how his day went.

He is my advisor, sounding board and cheerleader.

An electrical engineer by trade. Dad can do anything he sets his mind to.  I had a piece of stained glass I was having trouble with, he came in and got me started, (with the help of my cat Trixie). He is a gourmet cook, fly fisherman, can make the most incredibly detailed trout flies. Extraordinary photographer, organic gardener and friend to all.

We lost my Mom last June.  Dad stood tall with grace and dignity.  He puts his own grief aside to help me get though my own.  He taught me what the love of God is really about.  To believe in angels and signs from above.

His is kind, good hearted, genuine and faithful.

Dad taught us traditions, to love our country, to have a firm hand shake, respect others, be kind but stand up for our convictions.  And as a bonus, we always eat hot dogs on my birthday!

Dad’s love of nature runs deep in his blood.  He would rather be hiking and enjoying the smokey mountains more than anything.  As a small child, I remember always hiking with my parents and siblings.  It was just second nature for us.

Thanks Dad for making me laugh when I didn’t want to.  For being an honorable man, for loving mom, being a man of integrity and principle.  I am blessed beyond word that you are my dad.

I love you so very much!


Proverbs 14:26