My kitchen windowsill is blooming!  I love having plants and flowers when it is so dreary outside.
My Christmas cactus is blooming right on time
My collections of McCoy white critters are perfect for succulents

An avocado seeds will be sprouting soon..

But my all time favorite is the paperwhites.
I get a little carried away.  I put them in everything..
I love the way they look in the old blue Atlas jar
or a white creamer
Crocks, glass jars and rusted buckets make a good home to the bulbs

Just bloomed this morning!

 I love my two old coffee cans!

I made this little bird house a couple of years ago-
I stuck it in my plant at the studio..cute!

I love this small sifter, just right for more succulents.

It has been cold and raining the last couple of days here in central Texas.
When the skies are grey and dreary, it is nice to look at my windowsills and see the beauty of the paperwhites, Christmas cactus and other growing, green plants.  
I can’t wait until the rest of my paperwhites bloom!  They are such sweet little flowers!