I was furloughed this week, so until  Washington can come to an agreement…(insert comments here)…I will take advantage of my time in the studio.
silver spoon handle earrings

Vintage silver spoon and handle, silver  tree charm

I love this old key, (not a good picture), but it has beautiful scrolling on it.
I had this brass envelope.  I decided to put a love letter in it…

The back of the letter has a copy of an old photograph of a young couple.

Silver spoon WISH with an unusual silver spoon handle and
cute key

Large old skelton key and brass feather

These are my favorite ones to make.  Vintage pearl button and old lace.
Chain is from an old necklace.  Sweet silver bird.  On the back, I have stamped  FLY.

(Pray for rain!   The tropical depression that is hitting the Texas coast will probably miss us, but there is always hope!)