We needed a new fence in one of the pastures for calves that are weaned from their mothers.


They can be a rowdy bunch.  They are at their teenage stage.


We needed lots of steel pipe















and more steel pipe..













Pipe that had to be welded together.



The fence is starting to take shape

It will be sanded and painted.  Barbed wire strands will be added and cedar post placed between the steel pipes.





















I had to add a little something to soften all the steel and concrete













The teenage cattle are brought over from the main pastures and get acquainted with their new surrounding.  Plenty of room to roam, big live oak trees for shade and plenty of food and water.


We are trying to be organic. No pesticides and organic fertilizers.

Contrary to belief, it is much harder to be organic.  It would be easy to kill the hordes of grasshoppers that we have with chemical pesticides and boost the grass with synthetic fertilize.  It will take at least 5 years to be certified organic.  It is much more expensive and supplies are few and far between.  But we are giving it a go!


This herd of cattle is right outside my studio and I love it.  It is so nice to look out my window and see their sweet faces


We built a fine pipe fence to keep them safe.

I think we will all be very happy here..