This is my favorite time of year.  I love all the sights, sounds and smell of Christmas.
I love the lights, the decorations, Christmas music and the smell of cookies and candy…
But my favorite thing about the holiday season is spending time with my family and friends.  It means so much to me to have a very close family and friends whom I consider family.
My dad is making his famous divinity candy and peanut brittle.  He had been hanging lights outside and stocking up on firewood.

My mom is busy decorating the tree, making baskets and fluffing the house.
Most of you know that my parents live in NC, (I live in Texas).  I had planned on going home for Christmas.  I was so excited and looking forward to be home with my parents.
I am not going to be able to make it home for Christmas this year…
I know they are disappointed, but not as much as I am.  I am heartbroken…

However, the spirit of Christmas and the love my family has for each other
will bring the many miles between us together.   Christmas just isn’t sights, sounds and smells.  It is a feeling of love, gratitude and thankfulness.

I am very thankful and grateful for such wonderful, loving parents. 
It is very hard to live so far away from them.
My parents understand the feeling I am having, they moved far away from their parents shortly after they married.  They know the heartache and longing to be home during the holidays.    I may not be there in person…
but I will be there in spirit and love.    

I will be going home in the middle January. 
 Hopefully there will be some peanut brittle left over!