My dad and I took a break from making Stained glass while he was here.  We took off to the back roads to show my dad some of the little towns, or what is left of them.

This is in Glen Rose.  A great stone home.
It is now a historical home.

The small, almost ghost town, of Iredell.  It is a pretty little town.
There was some construction going on to restore some of the buildings.

An empty building in Iredell.
I love all the stonework.

A lonely homestead outside the small town of Cransfill Gap.
It sits high on a hill on the windswept prairie.

The lack of rain and blazing sun this summer has left 
very little vegetation.

 The sky was a brilliant blue in contrast to the grey home and desolate ground.

A bar and grill in the town of Cransfill Gap
I love the pink and blue plastic chairs.
Adds a bit of kitschy!
And last, but not least, a big surprise!
This camel comes out of no where and joins the gang of donkeys.
It was so funny!  The camel let us pet and feed him.  I was so afraid he was going to spit on us, but he was a sweetheart.  Get a load of that smirk!!
My dad and I had a great afternoon, but it was hotter than blazes!  We ended our trip with a stop at Dairy Queen and a couple of cookie dough blizzards!
A great way to end a great day!