There is always something to be done around here.
Besides tending to the cattle and land, fences need to be repaired..
Gates to be welded and hung.
While the head honcho is working, I decide to take a little walk around the pastures.
I never get tired of the beauty that surrounds me.

This is a “cattle scratch”.  It is very old and belonged to the previous owners years ago. Oil is pumped into the well and drips out onto the thousands of washers stacked on a metal cord.  The cattle like to rub their backs on it.  It helps deter flies and moisturizes their dry skin in the summer.
I love the old plaque and font on “Old Scratch”.

I am not fond of the briar vines that tangle themselves on the old fences.  They become very thick and nasty vines. However, briar vines have the most beautiful blue/black berries in the winter..
and makes a great place to hide!

I am not sure what kind of vine this is, but it is so pretty.  It might be a bittersweet?
As I get closer to the pasture with the cattle, the little ones become more curious.  

Still hiding behind their mama’s back, they peek around to see what we are doing.

This little guy isn’t leaving his mama’s side!

Our red heeler, appropriately named Red, thinks it is time to work!

While my Aussie shepherd, Tess, doesn’t deem it necessary.

Until one mama cow thinks she is too close and SHE runs behind her mama!

 The head honcho is done with his work, so we called it a day.. A perfect day.

Thank you for visiting my small part of the world and leaving such kind comments.  I appreciate them more than you know.  I have enjoyed getting to know you and have made some great friends along the way.  
I look forward to all the photos, stories and adventures you all have to share in the coming new year!