With the Texas temperatures well over 100 degrees and massive grasshoppers ready to pounce as soon as I open the door.  I decided to stay in the last few days and work on some necklaces I have been wanting to create for a while.
It is getting harder to find the smaller, leather, vintage coin purses and I am always on the hunt for them.   My dear friend, Thoma Lou, gave me a well loved coin purse and it is my favorite!  I used old necklaces, beads, charms and bracelets picked up from estate sales, antique stores , garage sales, family and friends donations to attach the purses to make a necklace.
Take a look….

Vintage crochet flower and very old button attached to the coin purse. 

Blue cameo and vintage keys

pink and green brooch 

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I hope everyone is staying cool and getting some rain!   If you would please send cooler temps and rain to  us, I would appreciate it!
Have a great weekend!