I have always love clay.  Whether it be play doh, stoneware or plain ol’ mud.  

I loved the way the earthy mass feels in my hands. 



I have been hand sculpting for years, but I REALLY wanted my own wheel.

Where I can put my whole body behind it.



I finally got my own wheel, and I am madly in love with it!

I love the whole technique.  Closing my eyes and centering the clay.  Holding it steady while I manipulate a ball 

of clay into a vessel.  It quite spiritual in a sense. 




I am not the best potter.  I have wobbly messes, thin walls, holes.  But the best thing about it,

I can start over every time!



It just takes practice.

It gives such a sense of accomplishment to see a creation put to use.  I might just have cat and dog bowls for a while!



Having a wheel and time to throw has been on my bucket list forever!  I can now check that off my list.   


So, if you need me, I will be knee deep in clay, sipping my tea out of something I created!