My sister, Kim has always had an eye for beauty.   Her mantra is finding beauty in the ordinary.   As a professional photographer, photo/video journalist, she has captured many extraordinary portraits, scenes and events all over the world.  (check out her website:

This past summer, she traveled middle America interviewing real Americans working hard for what they believe in. She spent time in Joplin and was inspired by the uplifting spirit of people that were hit hard by the tornado.  Kim stopped at restaurants, gas stations and small towns and met lots of very nice people willing to share their dreams and way of life.

In this short film that she produced, Kim spent several days with a couple who are dedicated to organic farming, rescuing all types of animals and being grateful for their blessings.

I am so very proud of my sister.  Not just because of her talent, but mostly because of her huge heart, her compassionate soul, uncontrollable laughter and humor and being my best friend….


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                                                            Revendel Farm-Kim Cook