I read a quote not long ago “Don’t cut what you can untie”.  At the time, it just meant to not cut the pretty ribbon, to untie it and save it.

I have a drawer full of ribbons, twine, cords and wire that I have untwisted and saved. I use most of them. Some I am saving for no apparent reason other than they are lovely to look at.

When I read the quote, at first I thought of my drawer of ribbons, but the more I thought about it, I thought of relationships.

Relationships between animals, environments and non-tangible things and most importantly, people.

It is so easy in today’s world to be able to cut things off and toss out what we don’t want. Of course there is our daily garbage of everyday stuff we use. But I am talking about how we “throw away” unseemly things that aren’t really unseemly.

If we treated each other like we do our pretty ribbons, we would not cut them off and toss them without a second thought or without looking back.

If things are in a knot or all twisted, we can carefully, patiently unravel what is meaningful to us. Taking the time to understand the loops, tightness and what is holding it together.

If we untied instead of cut we would have a better understanding of what it was securing in the first place.

There are all kinds of things that hold us together with our family, friends, pets and personal treasures. Some are big, heavy duty steel cables that are almost impossible to cut. Others may be a sturdy rope, or even a tiny silk thread. However, once they are cut, they can never be whole again. We may untie them from time to time, giving us a line for re-attachment.

Be careful what you cut. You may cut that beautiful ribbon off in haste only to wish you would have untied it for securing something beautiful later on.

I know that I have cut things and really wished I had just untied them. As I have grown older, I forgive, I accept, my heart expands, learn to live in Grace and to untie.

This is just my ramblings and how I look at things. I am a visual person.

It just makes good sense to not cut what you can untie. Simple and to the point.

Until next time, take care of yourself and be kind to each other.

Much love,


John 13:34