I have been thinking about what is important in my life and what it takes to make me truly happy. It used to be new shoes, new car, new anything. When I went through a life changing ordeal several years ago, I had to make a change in my lifestyle. It was very difficult at first, not being able to go out and buy what I thought I needed. I purged and uncluttered, sold and gave away many things I thought I couldn’t live without. I found myself keeping only the things that I really loved, simple things like a tin full of pennies that my grandmother gave me when I was 16, my dad’s drafting kit he used while he was in college, a small gold heart necklace my aunt gave me when I was born, baskets that my mom weaved. Most everything that I now have has sentimental value. I still love to have new shoes and new clothes, but now when I go shopping, it is for something I really want to wear, not something that is trendy or will just hang in my closet.
I love my new life, one that is uncluttered. It made my mind clearer, more alert to my surroundings and hold dear to my heart my family and friends.

What really makes me happy is to see a newborn calf, the smell of fresh hay, a clear blue sky, laughing and if need be, crying.

My favorite thing to do at the end of the day is to sit on my porch with a glass of iced tea and reflect on all the good things in my life. Some days it is hard to come up with any, but after a while, I usually come up with a long list.

So my mantra is SIMPLIFY!