My girl Samantha is getting old. She is my best friend and has been with me through thick and thin. She listens to me when others shut me out, makes me smile when I want to cry and looks into my soul with her big brown eyes. She still wants to run, jump and play, but her legs are feeble. She wants to be happy-go-lucky, but gets aggravated and grouchy. Now Samantha sits and watches. I look at her and she wags her tail just to reassure me that she is ok. But I know she isn’t. She doesn’t want me to know how she really feels, she doesn’t want me to feel sorry for her so she will get up and chase the ball and try to jump in the jeep. She gets embarrassed when I have to help her in the jeep or find the ball, so I let her know how proud I am of her and what a good girl she is. I love this dog so very much and will make her as comfortable as I possibly can to help her live her twilight years with pride.