This is my handsome dad as a young man.   This is the man that all other’s have to live up to.  My dad is very intelligent, sweet, warm, caring, never says a harm word about anyone.
He has always been my hero, a strong man that protected me from monsters under my bed as a child, protecting me when my heart got broken by a lost pet, best friend,or  relationships.  He has a way of soothing me and making me laugh.  That everything will be ok and life will go on.
When I was a small child, my dad worked at General Electric as an engineer, went to school to get his P.E. and worked other small jobs.  He would come home tired after we were suppose to be in the bed.  As soon as we heard him come thru the front door, we would run and jump on his feet and we would “ride” us on his feet.  I look back now and imagine how tired he must have been, but he always made time for us.   He still does.
I can recall  great vacations, camping across the United States in a squire station wagon pulling a pop up Nimrod camper.   We hardly ever took the interstates, we usually took the back roads so he could show us farms and ranches.  We would stop at county fairs and festivals.  I learned how maple syrup was made in Vermont,  how cheese was made in Minnesota, looked over the grand canyon and walked on the Oregon Trail, went fishing on ocean beaches and trout fishing in clear, cold creeks. But the most fun I remember having was just walking in the woods, learning about moss, trees and flowers.  I tried to soak up all the knowledge that he was teaching me.  I know the life cycle of a butterfly, the secrets of beekeeping and how to grow a great tomato!
My dad gave me the love of drafting and illustration.  He taught me how to pay attention to details, to measure twice and always, always do my best.  He has taught me how to wire my studio, change my oil, fix a leaking faucet, how to use just about any power tool and build anything I set my mind to.
My dad is a good dad, a decent, hard working, red blooded American dad who fought for his country in Korea, provides for his family and loves unconditionally.
He is and always will be my hero, someone who has set the standards high, someone who I very blessed to have as my dad.
I love you Dad!  Happy Father’s Day!