I have a family reunion coming up in September. I haven’t been to one in years.


Mom, Dad and me

I was always too busy, couldn’t take time off from work or just couldn’t get away. I feel ashamed that I didn’t take the time.



In the past five years, both of my parents have passed away, a beloved aunt and cousins.


Mom and her sisters

I would go home to North Carolina to take care of my parents and an occasional trip in between. I now regret not going home more regularly to visit my family just for fun.


My red headed granny

Growing up, my grandparents house was the place to be. At any given time, there may have been 15 people scattered around the house. The men on the front porch or in the yard throwing horse shoes. The women in the living room claddering about everything. Lots of coffee being poured served with my granny’s homemade bundt cake. Several generations, all under the same roof.


My grandfather and cousin Pat celebrating our birthdays together

Birthdays and holidays were celebrated with enthusiasm and fanfare.


My dad and nephew Sam

When I moved away, I didn’t go home as much. I kept in touch with most everyone. I called my parents everyday. When my parents got internet, my Mom and I would e-mail several time a week. I still have her emails saved in her own folder. I enjoy going back and reading them again.


My granny and her sisters

As my Mom told us just a few hours before she passed “it goes by in a hurry”. That never rang truer until now.

I have a wonderful, loving husband, two great kids and 4 adorable grandkids in Texas. This is my home, where I will be for the rest of my life. I am very happy and content. I am living the life of my childhood dreams.


My husband and me

However, my roots are in North Carolina. My character was chiseled from strong, southern women. They were outspoken and stood up for injustice before modern day women knew what was happening. The men were men. Hard working and community minded.

img_4581_facetune_20.08.2017-214204.jpgMy Dad and me

I will be going to our family reunion and I will carry my family that brought me to this point in life in my heart. I will forever be grateful for all of their love, encouragement and sacrifices.


My parents

Until next time,

Take care of each other and be blessed!



Ecclesiastes 4:9-10