Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

My mom taught me so many things, too many to list, but the most valuable to me is that she showed me how to be compassionate, look at the small things, look at both sides, be creative and never, ever let anyone take me for granted and most importantly, to be true to myself.
I love this picture of my mother as a child with my grandmother. She still has that sweet smile and a gleam in her eyes.

When I was a child learning to swim, my mom and I waded into barely knee deep water, I was climbing all over her shoulders and head screaming to not let me go. (I am sure it was a pitiful sight), I don’t know how long we stayed in the water, but she had the patience for me to get up the guts to finally get in the water. I am sure I thrashed around like I was drowning, but I remember once I calmed down, I was floating on my back, the sun hitting my face and my mothers arms under my back supporting me. It was a feeling I have never forgotten. My mom is my rock, she has guided me through some rough waters throughout my life, just like she did when I was learning to swim. If I would calm down,think about the situation and just breathe, I could relax and figure things out.

She let her children make their own paths in life, just like she did. My mother was a woman’s libber way before the word existed. She stood up for people without a voice, feed people without food, warmed people without warm clothes. She is compassionate, so very funny and a truly remarkable women that many people love and respect. I am so proud to call her mama.